I have run seminars for over half a million people and have had over 100 different speakers and trainers on my stage. Satyen Raja is THE BEST trainer I have ever experienced in terms of teaching students how to access their full power. He is a true master who passes his brilliance and experience on in a way that people really 'get it' and more importantly, keep it for the rest of their lives.
T. Harv Eker
CEO, Best-Selling Author, Motivational Speaker / T. Harv Eker International
What is remarkable about Satyen Raja is that despite his prodigious mastery of human, entrepreneurial, organizational and spiritual dynamics across many fields, he still actively and passionately seeks to drink in wisdom from students, colleagues and new masters, alike. This, along with his unusual mix of humility, humor and heart infused into every-thing he does, makes creating an ongoing relationship with Satyen and his work one of the few wholly satisfying, consistently surprising and genuinely transformative paths a man or woman can take in this time.
Adam Gilad
Emmy Nominated Executive Producer Author, Speaker, Screenwriter, Film Producer Mentor and Coach / Gilad Creative Media, Inc.
If you are looking to live a fully expressed life, take your relationships to the level they deserve or just learn some profound insights that most people (unfortunately) go to their graves never knowing, then I cannot think of anyone better to learn from than Satyen Raja. Period. So why in a world full of promises and personal improvement 'seminars' should you take this recommendation seriously? I have been a teacher and expert on personal development for over 20 years and I can sum up the answer in one word – Authenticity. Satyen is real, his staff is real and just as importantly, the results and difference you will see in your life will be real. There is no fluff and no hiding place for old habits or complacency. Just a loving intent delivered in a way that touches your heart and makes a profound difference in how you can choose to live. I have high standards and higher expectations. Satyen Raja met them all.
Peter Sage
Extreme Entrepreneur and Businessman, World Class Speaker, Philanthropist / Peter Sage
Satyen Raja is a gifted mentor, coach, spiritual teacher, guide, and brilliant advocate for anyone who has the good fortune to work with him. His keen sense of insight and deep compassion creates a safe space for the clarity and wisdom that you naturally possess to become available to you. I have been profoundly served in my sessions with him and have found my both my center and my untapped genius through his guidance and presence. He works from a deep spiritual root that is clear and trustworthy. His integrity is unshakable, his heart is pure, and he is grounded in love.
Lynne Twist
Global Visionary, Author, Consultant, Keynote Speaker / Soul of Money Institute
As a successful CEO and business leader, you already know how build and lead a team, achieve remarkable goals and collaborate with others. Like me, you have already reached the top 10% of success in your field and you know you can easily have or experience anything you need or want. So, “what’s next”? If you are like me, the only quest left is the journey for deeper meaning, fulfillment and balance in all areas of life – family and relationships, financial and business, fitness and health and faith and spiritual guidance. For me, I wanted all this and so much more. I had a deep desire to make a bigger impact for myself, my family, my community, and the world. The last thing I needed or wanted was one more personal development program, lessons from the latest success guru, another peak performance or life coach, or, worse yet, an accountability coach! The same old, same old just didn’t cut it anymore – all that seemed like pablum and I wanted more – more depth, truth and wisdom. Satyen’s connection is for those who, like me, are ready for and wanting so much more. During the time I worked with Satyen, it was like up-leveling my life from the “inside out”. My connection with self and a Higher Power became profound and everything in my life went from good – to great – to meaningful – to total peace of mind! Yes, my business grew and my income quadrupled, but more importantly, my relationships are more meaningful, my health, fitness, and energy is greater than ever and I live from “knowingness” and “certainty” versus uncertainty and speculation. If you’ve known success as defined by most standards and yet have a deep desire for so much more, I know of very few who can deliver the depth and breadth in such a personal and experiential way as the WarriorSage Satyen Raja! Enjoy the journey!
Cynthia Davis
Cynthia Davis is on a mission to help business leaders find a more fulfilling life and become a life force in our world. Davis was a successful executive for more than 25 years working for Fortune 50 corporations. Among her titles, she was a VP of an International Business Development, a VP of Global Operations, an Executive VP, and a Management Consultant with Raytheon Corporation, Lockheed Martin, Bausch & Lomb, and General Electric. /
I met Satyen about 13 years ago while I was in the early stages of building my business. I was seeking out personal growth and mentors that could help me to become a better leader, and a better version of myself. Satyen became an important mentor for me, perhaps the most important source of my personal growth and development. The work I have done with Satyen has transformed me on many levels. I have become a better husband, and a better father. I have built a higher level of confidence, and I have grown exponentially in my ability to handle adversity. I also have grown tremendously as a leader and become a smarter business person. Building a successful business relies heavily on leadership skills and relationship building ability. The interpersonal skills that Satyen helped me to develop have paid dividends in my ability to build and manage relationships in my industry. Over the last 13 years my business has acquired hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of commercial real estate assets. My business and its four subsidiaries now employ over 150 people throughout the State of Texas. Due to our great many successes over the years we are often featured in industry journals and publications, and even national publications, such as INC magazine. I attribute much of this success to the work I have done with Satyen and his incredible mentorship. Satyen’s mentorship has been so profound, that I also had him work with my daughter for a 3-month mentorship intensive - the results of which were incredible and transformative.
Monte K. Lee-Wen
I've been in business for over 25+ years, considered a leader in my field, and have been looking for someone to coach and mentor me for quite a while. Then one day I met Satyen. After spending some quality time with him ... listening to his philosophies about life and business, inhaling his many pearls of wisdom, and connecting with his spirit I immediately knew I had 'found my guy’. Words alone cannot describe the positive impact, but I will say this. Satyen has not only helped grow my business but myself as well. He guided me into discovering the essence of 'who I am' to the world and how to operate at my highest self no matter any storms I may be facing. As a result, not only have my sales and earnings increased exponentially, I am continuously expanding into my fuller, more vibrant and brilliant self which has enabled me to make a greater impact in the world through the branding work I do. I might also add that on a personal level, Satyen is a very special man. I mean, he's just a great guy! The positive, empowering vibration he exudes whenever I am in his presence, by phone, SKYPE, or face-to-face is quite remarkable. He embraces me without judgment or restrictions of any sort, which allows me to be totally transparent and vulnerable with him. In turn, I have been able to break through many invisible barriers that have been holding me back for years. While I am very much still a 'work in progress’, I feel more confident, more vital, and more alive! Everyday I get to enjoy the magic of life. Now, each and every moment is infinitely more satisfying and enjoyable. I have more inner peace ... I'm happier … I have more joy. I no longer feel frustrated. I've let go of a lot of pent up anger, sadness, and disappointment. I've learned how to put the regrets, setbacks, and disappointments of my past where they belong ... in the past! In the eye of any storms that come my way, I now accept 'what is as is’. I am calm in the eye of the storm. If you get a chance to work with Satyen, go for it. No matter the level of success you may currently be enjoying as a leader ... no matter your storms or how hard the winds may be blowing in your life, Satyen will take you to still waters. He will positively change the trajectory of your life, career, or business. Bravo to Satyen! God bless him!! He is truly a gift to the world and humanity.
Gerry Foster
Branding Expert /
There are teachers who sit on the literal mountain top making themselves inaccessible, while others sit on proverbial mountain tops and are just as inaccessible… Satyen Raja is a teacher and facilitator who sits eye-to-eye with his students making no separation between himself and his students. He has the ability to cut through the chaos with clarity of body, mind, spirit that will leave you with a renewed calm and a deeper sense of who you are at a soulful level. Satyen is a rare individual who I consider to be an outstanding human being and I am honoured to call him a dear friend. No matter what your stature in life appears to be, if you have the opportunity to work with Satyen - grab it! His wealth of knowledge, his clarity of mind and his open heart will lift your life to places you have not yet dreamed of.
Dõv Baron, Phd-e
Speaker Author Mentor for Authentic Leadership The World's Only Corporate Cultural Momentum Strategist / Dov Baron
I have been working with Satyen Raja for nine years, so I am inspired to write a testimonial to let others know of the benefits I have gained. When I attended my first intro with him, I knew that this was a mentor I wanted to work with. After taking a couple of workshops and getting so much benefit in my life, I felt a calling inside of me to learn to staff the workshops. Being a real estate agent and mortgage professional has been very rewarding for me and has allowed me to be of service to others, but I always felt that I had a deeper purpose and gifts that could help me make an even bigger contribution to people’s lives. After staffing for a short time and having Satyen and his team work with me, I decided to learn to be a facilitator. Satyen really has a knack for helping people grow their gifts. He brings you to your edge and has you expand past it, going through whatever fears and barriers you have. His style is totally customized to make sure that you get whatever your intentions are for yourself. He doesn’t follow a curriculum. He teaches from his connection to us and from his depth of knowledge and experience. He is a “one of a kind” teacher who always gives everything he has. I have always been blown away with his insight, clarity and effectiveness and every training and interaction I have had has exceeded my expectations. I have been facilitating workshops and working with clients one on one for over three years now. I continue to take trainings from Satyen to hone my abilities and skills. My increased ability to be an effective communicator and compassionate listener has me very much in demand by clients. I am building a practice very quickly and being successful doing what I love. I am helping to transform people’s lives as Satyen has helped to transform mine. I strongly and sincerely urge anyone interested in working with people or being a trainer to work with Satyen. He will far exceed your expectations.
Linda Robinson
Workshop facilitator and Mind Clearing Practitioner, Harmony Integration Master Coach / Awakening To Truth
I've recently received coaching from Satyen Raja in the context of the Harmony Integration process. My experience was that the method, as Satyen practices it, goes deftly and efficiently to some core issues and leads to integration that often would take much longer to achieve. Satyen is a dedicated healer who works from the heart and from deep insight into the human soul. 
Gabor Maté M.D.
Speaker, Best Selling Author – In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts: Close Encounters with Addiction, When the Body Says No: The Cost of Hidden Stress, and Scattered Minds: A New Look at the Origins and Healing of Attention Deficit Disorder, Winner - Hubert Evans Prize for Literary Non-Fiction, Honorary Degree (Law) from the University of Northern British Columbia, Outstanding Alumnus Award from Simon Fraser University, 2012 Martin Luther King Humanitarian Award from Mothers Against Teen Violence, Adjunct professor in the Faculty of Criminology, Simon Fraser University / Gabor Maté M.D.
With over 31 years of advising executives and leaders I've personally experienced the work of some bright, authentic transformational coaches. Satyen is in the top 1% hands down. He’s an ascended master of deep psychological growth. I've personally grown immensely. He's the real deal.
David M. Corbin
Speaker, Inventor, Advisor, Author ILLUMINATE – Harnessing The Positive Power of Negative Thinking
Four years ago I got a clear message that my next mentor would be in my life by the end of the year. With that I waited to see how it would unfold and who it would be. On December 24th, Satyen reached out to me and discussed his new CEO coaching program. I had worked with Satyen off and on since 2009 doing illumination Intensives as well as his Adventure Tours. I decided to try the new program for 3 months and now I am starting my 4th year of full coaching with Satyen. My life has changed in so many ways and I have upleveled all areas of my life in that time more than I thought possible. When Satyen first approached me, I was filled with some fear about the work. At the same time a strong sense that this was an important cross road in my life filled my being. The financial commitment took some contemplation, yet 3 years later I am still in the program so clearly for me the benefits most assuredly out weighed the cost. It is hard to explain how the mentorship works in words. For me it is an experiential process. I have fully enjoyed the time I have spent with Satyen and I have also benefited from the masters of various areas that he has surrounded himself with. The other CEOs in the program have also greatly impacted my life. They have offered their experience and gifts and I have done the same for them in return. I value all these new friends and what they have brought to my life. Through the work I have become more of who I am meant to be. My company has grown in many ways and is on the verge of a major uplevel. The area of health and wellness is decades better. I love hearing how I am aging backwards. My major relationships have improved. Behaviours which used to limit me are completely gone. I have become the calm in the center of a storm. This enables me to have access to guidance and knowing at a deeper level which I can trust completely. All this and at the end of the day I shut my eyes and sleep like a child. I can’t recall the last night I tossed and turned with my mind racing uncontrollably. I enjoy being the creator of my life much more than being the passenger. I am grateful for the work I have been able to do with Satyen. The how and where we work has been awesome as well. This CEO program is not for everyone yet if you have been stirred up at some level, you owe it to yourself to reach out and have a conversation with Satyen. Until I see you in another dimension.
John J. Kraemer
CEO Owner / Waterloo Manufacturing
Satyen Raja is not for the faint of heart, or those who want their egos stroked. He's for high performers who want the between-the-eyes feedback that will wake their ass up and propel them into full action towards a life fully lived. In a surprisingly short time I found myself inspired and IN ACTION to grow my business. And - with a much better plan than the one I'd been working with. More importantly, Satyen helped me make the internal shift to value my offerings at a much higher level. I'm now excited about the future. Want a coach and mentor with a big heart and a firm right foot? Work with Satyen.
David Wood
Coach and Founder / Coach MBA
Growing up I was exposed to spiritual traditions and teachings and always encouraged within my family to “believe in myself”, yet I was surrounded by failure and pain. Gratefully, my passionate desire to serve enabled me to create a successful practice teaching Acting…the art of recreating authentic human behavior. What a joy!! But while my students started growing, and thriving, and leaving the nest to work professionally, I felt I was getting left behind. The Law of attraction didn’t work for me, I found myself constantly plunging into any project and relationship even if I didn’t believe in it, for fear of saying no. Needless to say I consistently ended up in painful, dysfunctional and abusive situations - both personally and professionally. I was pretty confused and unhappy. I knew I needed something big to affect change in my life if I was going to continue to serve my students, attract the kind of projects that I believed in and expect authenticity from those around me. With a lifetime of exposure and resistance I had sworn off workshops, then I was introduced to WarriorSage…WOW!!!! I always say everything starts at the top and that top is Satyen Raja. The utterly breathtaking part is that he pulls you right up there with him. And when it seems there is no higher place to go, at the next encounter he shows you that there is. When I met Satyen I was blown away. For the first time in my life I didn’t need to say a word, his teachings just naturally integrated into my system. All my questions were answered before I asked them. In his presence I somehow realized how very complete I already was, and the practices he gives assist in making that recognition stick. Since working with Satyen, my personal and professional relationships are effortlessly more successful, authentic, and productive. I now instantly recognize the people and situations that do not serve or resonate with me and almost like magic they melt away or simply do not show up, saving me the trouble of having to say “no”…which I now have learned to say. I have rediscovered my voice and find myself expressing myself with complete clarity. The fear and negative, critical chatter in my head has stopped and there is more room for stuff like art and love. I graciously thank Satyen for helping me open up a welcoming path for the many angels who have recently shown up in my life, share my vision and participate in making films with my production company and me. We are finally getting to carry out our mission.
Lauren Patrice Nadler
Director/ Filmmaker/ Actress/ Coach / Winged Warrior Entertainment
Satyen is one of the baddest dudes I know. Not only is he a master leader and facilitator and has blown me wide open to a new way of being and success, he simply lives his truth and owns it fully. Because he stands so powerfully in his truth, it creates transformative space, leading by example, so others do the same. Having produced over 100 live events with some of the biggest thought and business leaders on the planet, I have the gift of spending quality time with so many of these leaders. Satyen is by far the most advanced on many levels because he brilliantly integrates Eastern philosophies with Western concepts. I recommend you work with him intimately and catapult your personal and professional life to new soaring heights.
Brad Axelrad
Satyen's Accelerated Evolution techniques are extraordinarily transformational and he is clearly a leader and pioneer in the field of breakthrough.  I highly recommend you experience his work if you have a problem that is weighing on you or if you want to go to new heights in your life or career.
Ted McGrath
Chief Transformation Officer / RiZe Global
As the host and producer of News for the Soul Radio, I am blessed to speak to, and often work with, some of the top life changing teachers and leaders on the planet. Few have come close to the transformational depth I've seen and experienced with Satyen's work. I am grateful for all that I've learned and experienced through WarriorSage, as those experiences have helped me to become who I needed to be in order to do what I now do on the planet today.
Nicole Whitney
Producer / Host, Dubbed 'The Oprah Of The Internet”, Life Changing Broadcasts Since January 1997, The #1 Life Changing Talk Radio Show in the world according to GOOGLE & AOL! / News for the Soul Radio
I've interviewed Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and Tom Cruise but my interview with Satyen for Alpha Male Club was by far the most interesting, informative and useful. Satyen delivered clear, actionable steps to my male viewers on how they can be the best men they can be. I've incorporated Satyen's teachings myself, and I’m already seeing life-changing benefits.
James Swanwick
Interviewer, Author and Journalist, Co-Founder of Crocmedia / Alpha Male Club, Anchor of Sports Center
On February 4th 2013 my son shot himself in the head in my home, in my chair.  This occurred the day after I returned from a training where I internally addressed ongoing issues with my son and determined to create a firm boundary around his behavior in my home. When faced with a drunken man, who had driven my car home from the bar I stood in my power and told him he would have to leave in the morning when he sobered up; five minutes later he was dead. This was the trauma I shared with Satyen Raja in a telephone call three weeks later, the day before I was scheduled to leave on a lecture tour to China.  I was an emotional wreck but the thought of escaping my home was something of a relief.  However, the thought of actually having to function on the tour was beyond my mental or emotional capacity.  This was when Satyen offered to do a Skype session with me and explained he would be running a "procedure" for me.  Without understanding exactly what was entailed, I put my trust in him and sat down in front of my computer in a daze, five hours before I left for the airport.  Satyen ran what he called the "Trauma Release process,"  in less than one hour he took me through the awful events of that night and the agony disappeared but even more amazingly helped me connect on both a physical and spiritual level with my son which helped me resolve some of the agony and despair of the trauma.  There was more work to do of course, grief of this sort cannot be resolved in an hour.  But, the very fact that I felt stable emotionally, I actually felt like a protective wall had been formed around my heart and I could walk the walk and talk the talk for two weeks knowing that when I got home from China I was going to continue this work with Satyen soon after. For someone dealing with any trauma, I can only speak my truth from my own experience, it works and it works fast and it sticks, it is not a passing fad.  The trauma is addressed head on and resolved as you go.  As I continue to work on residual pain in my heart I am going to teach my grief counselor at home this process so that she can run it for me occasionally to check on my recovery.  I know she will find it intriguing and I hope she will also find it a very useful tool in her arsenal when dealing with such pain. I have been an AASECT certified sexuality counselor for fifteen years, I have a private practice and  have also been an RN for forty two years, always working actively in the field.  I am a Ph.D in Human Sexuality and have spent most of my life learning and growing, spending tens of thousands of dollars on a life time of learning.  It astonished me and actually made me laugh out loud when I realized how much I would have saved had I studied these concepts twenty years ago. This is the message I now tell my clients as I use these techniques in my practice: the work we will do today is just about to save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars but even more importantly than that, you will actually resolve your problems in hours rather than months or years (if ever) and live the lives you were meant to light and joy not heart ache and misery. Thank you Satyen for all your work and for your strength and support.
Fran Fisher RN. Ph.D
AASECT Certified Counselor in Private Practice, Workshop Developer, Adjunct Professor Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality, SF / Fran Fisher RN. Ph.D
WarriorSage. Well, I’ll tell you this. My life was really going nowhere. I was pretty stagnant. I had a good job. But for the most part, I had a feeling, in my relationship with my wife, my relationship with my children and in my career, that I was just really going nowhere, and even doing a little back-sliding. So I decided to go to this WarriorSage Intro – Sex, Passion & Enlightenment – and one of the things I saw at the Intro was that this guy was speaking my language. I really liked the fact that it wasn’t this New Age flowery, feminine language that seemed to be at all these other intros and seminars that I attended. So that piqued my interest and I decided, all right, I’ll give away one of my weekends and go to the Sex, Passion and Enlightenment Intensive. I go there and, and learn a lot of good stuff, but there was one thing said by the facilitator, Satyen, that I really thought was, well, rather ludicrous. He said if you do some of these practices you will double your income. And I thought, double my income, well, I think I make a pretty good living and it’s not easy to double my income. I thought, all right; I am going to prove this guy wrong. I’ll do everything he says, I’ll be able to come back to him a year later and show him that, you know, it takes more than just some silly exercises from a seminar to double my income. I did those exercises faithfully for a year, and as I predicted, I did not double my income… I tripled it instead. And since then it has doubled even more. It turns out those exercises weren’t so silly after all. They were exercises that made me a deeper man, helped me find my purpose, and helped me grow up. So, I have to tell you, it’s amazing what happens when you do some of the basic work that Satyen starts off with. I have done a lot more stuff with Satyen, taken many of his seminars, gone on The Find YourSelf Journey to Peru, which was life changing for me. If you are a man and you want to be more, you want to be the best man you can be, this is the place to start.
BJ Shea
Top Radio Host / KISW 99.9 FM Seattle
If you are considering taking your life to the next level, but something is stopping you – talk to Satyen Raja. Satyen recently helped prepare me to speak for over 2,000 people. Some fears came up for me while preparing this talk. Satyen did a Harmony Integration Process with me that identified my concern.  We were able to appreciate the concern / aspect of me, how it served me, and release its charge.  My talk went over very well. The audience loved it, I made a difference and I pushed my comfort zone. Satyen is the real deal, a man who walks his talk, and helps empower others to do the same.
Eric Mortimer
Real Estate Expert / Eric Mortimer
Satyen is a wizard of consciousness. Rather than working on coping with problems, the Harmony Integration process quickly and efficiently resolves the fundamental, foundational reasons the problems are there in the first place. And rather than taking years and years to do it, it can literally happen in a moment. This isn’t wishful thinking, but rather a deep level of mastery in Satyen and in this process. Rarely do I experience work that is so efficient, rings so true, and feels so good. After working with Satyen, I feel both a deep level of peace and an incredible well of energy and resource with which I can answer my highest call and achieve my highest potential.
Jeffrey Van Dyk

For almost 20 years, I have dropped 100’s of thousands of dollars on self improvement and finding ways to improve my mental blockages, starting with Life Spring, motivational seminars, Tony Robbins, Scientology, energy practitioners and life coaches. Great stuff for sure, but there is a major flaw as none of it touches the absolutely critical details I learned in one call with you. That 1 hour of Skype with you, gave me the ease, the motivation and sense of purpose beyond anything I have ever done. It is so difficult to put into words – that one, out of this world experience, has forever changed every aspect of my life. Whether it’s finance, faith, family or fitness. Who says you can’t have it all? You are truly an inspiration, a leader, lover and life changer. For anyone out there lucky enough to have met you … Please give yourself the gift of Satyen. I’m willing to bet on every dollar that you will be amazed, inspired, uplifted to a whole new level you have never ever dreamed of.
Mark Houng
International Trade Expert, Business owner, serial entrepreneur, now life lover / Mark Houng
In all my years of working with people in stressful and challenging environments, I have never met anyone like Satyen Raja. Having spent many years in Canada's wilderness as a Game Warden and Search and Rescue Technician, then with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police as an officer and on to the Canadian version of a S.W.A.T. team, I was amazed at his ability to bring out the most hidden of talents I never knew I had. Not only did Satyen allow the space for the natural progression of my own learning, he also knew exactly when to provide the most succinct guidance for bringing out my innermost expression of who I am, that then translated into the greatest possible transformation and integration of other peoples’ learning. Beyond what I was given by his instruction, he continues today to support and encourage me in my way of facilitating two very powerful programs to students all over the world. One is the famous Predicament program at Enlightened Warrior Training Camp and the second is The Opening/Illumination Intensive (5day), which I continue to offer to people all over the globe with Satyen’s ongoing blessing. If you are looking for someone to help guide and support you in bringing your gift to the world, I would highly recommend working with Satyen Raja. I am forever grateful for your service. Thank you.
Martin Hahn
President and Lead Facilitator / Setting Hearts Free
Satyen Raja has been my mentor for the last 20 years. Not only have I earned a black belt, but I am also a facilitator and teach seminars globally thanks to Satyen's expert guidance. I have met leaders and teachers all over the world and I can honestly say that I am hard pressed to meet anyone that matches the grace, finesse and openheartedness that have become some of Satyen's more defining qualities. Through Satyen's leadership I have learned how to see the potential within myself and then I learned the techniques and strategies to bring it out in others! The greatest gift is to show people how to unleash their own greatest gifts. Thanks to Satyen, I have owned and operated a successful martial arts studio, and now I am teaching seminars worldwide! Thank you Satyen for showing me how to open up my heart and be an expert conduit for learning, and for teaching me the most valuable lesson………I am what I believe.
Michael Cann
Martial Arts Teacher, Facilitator of The Unforgettable Challenge / Michael Cann
Although I'm successful, I've lived with a lifetime of anxiety. After twenty years of personal growth work it is significantly better but still, it's there, in and out low and constant. It significantly diminishes my experience of life. Yesterday I had the great opportunity to do a Harmony Integration Session with Satyen Raja. I didn't hold back and I brought this lifelong issue to my session with him. It was an extraordinary experience. In one session I experienced the state that usually takes days of extended meditation. I actually felt the anxiety leave the places in my body it has been holed up all these years. What came next was a beautiful state of expanded awareness, humility and contentment. Today something truly feels different, like something that's been hooked into me and holding me back has released and that more is possible. This is an experience I've been seeking for a long time. Satyen is the real deal as a coach and healer. If you are looking to take your life to the next level do some Harmony Integration work with him.
Michael Tertes
Coach and Mentor / Michael Tertes
Satyen, I want to thank you for your amazing presence.  As a business owner it is great to be able to speak with someone who knows the unique challenges that being an entrepreneur can present.  And not only know about them, but how to eliminate them.   Most people in the world want to know the latest greatest tactic to success, the next best “closing” technique, the next shiny object.  When the successful people in the world KNOW that success is 80% mindset.  Working with you allowed me to align that mindset with the tactics that I already knew.  It has allowed me to be more fully present in my business.  And has led to my most significant sales and profit month ever.  If you are a business leader, I highly recommend you make time to speak with Satyen.  Your business, your family, and your life will thank you.
Todd E. Gaster
Certified Business Performance Coach, Licensed Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Licensed Trainer of Neuro-Semantics (NS), Associate Certified Meta-Coach (ACMC), Associate Certified Coach (ACC), Certified Master Coach of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) / 7th Summit International, LLC
Satyen Raja has been an incredible teacher for me, honing my skills as a facilitator, workshop leader and executive coach. He has an uncanny knack for seeing the subtle (and not so subtle) quirks and kinks in the ways I present myself, and giving just the right hint, challenge or instruction that turns that quirk into a strength. It’s still surprising to me, even after working with Satyen for quite a while, to experience yet another level of opening to my true power through his coaching. Whether he’s working directly with me, or with others in one of his “train the trainers” events, I always get new insights and find new strengths from his skill as a master teacher. My ongoing consulting work with healthcare organizations has benefitted immeasurably from the lessons I’ve received from Satyen -- as has my personal life as I make my authentic self more and more available!
Tony Browne
Independent management consultant with more than 20 years’ experience working with major hospitals, medical groups and health systems in the western US. In addition to helping clients with strategic planning and mergers/affiliations, Tony also advises on organizational governance, resolution of internal conflicts, and community relations. / Tony Browne
Satyen helped me get clear and moving forward in my business and my leadership. Like many leaders, I get stuck and doubtful about the facets of my business from time to time.  In the space of 25 minutes, he helped me get past those blocks and gave me clear practices to keep that positive state more persistent for me.  Satyen brings a compassion and understanding that can only come from experience and depth of reflection. Thank you Satyen!
Sunil Bhaskaran
CEO / Cahaya Mind, LLC
I first came into my appointment with Satyen not knowing what to expect. While talking to Satyen and following his instructions, I felt myself at ease and I began to realize that I wasn’t who I thought I was. Once done with our meeting, I felt more relaxed and a sense of ease. My family noticed a change in me and the vibes I was giving. Satyen has helped me be more conscious of keeping negativity out of my life and made me realize that I need to be interested in people and not just interesting to people. Thank you Satyen.
Chucky Brown
NBA Champion; American Professional Basketball Player and Coach (retired)
There are speakers, trainers, coaches and gurus. Then there is Satyen Raja who is in a dimension above all the rest. He is truly a messenger and a servant of God. Satyen, you have changed my entire life and I am forever grateful. With all my Love and Gratitude.
John Rankins
Entrepreneur, Speaker, Trainer, Leader, Founder and CEO / Optimo Global
My gratitude to you for all you shared of yourself, taught me and the ways you supported my growth by clearing my barriers with the amazing exercises and activities you have developed and used. The book that you recommended I get and read daily keeps that alive for me and enables me to continue the process under your virtual guidance. Thank you Satyen.
Samantha Grier MSW
Founder and President / Caring For Children - An international NGO that addresses the emotional and psychological needs of traumatized children.
Satyen is an enlightened soul who’s on the edge of personal development and spiritual growth. He is a wonderful mentor, coach, trainer and leader to support you to your highest potential. Satyen is a master and a warm person. Words can't describe what Satyen has to offer. If you get any opportunity to work with him or learn from him, do it! He is one of my favorite teachers! I love learning from Satyen, many more years to come.
Esther Wildenberg
President /
I feel inspired to endorse the services and teachings of a colleague and friend of mine, Satyen Raja. I just completed a 7-day Accelerated Evolution training with Satyen and his team. I began the week with a certain "OK, prove it" attitude and am delighted to report that this work exceeded all my expectations. In 35 years of self-development training and facilitation, I find this body of work to be by far the most technically well-considered and professionally delivered. I would especially recommend it to those who make, or aspire to make, their living as a coach, therapist or facilitator. It is a trade school for leaders with heart and vision seeking to up their game. Check it out at
Daniel Kempling
Aikido Master, Head Facilitator / Mindful Movement Training
Satyen Raja is magic. He is able to open your mind, heart and uplift your soul to the highest version of who you can be. He leads with love and firm steadiness. I personally have never encountered a man like Satyen. He has a strong gentle presence and he is able to ask the right questions to help shift your mindset to something bigger and better than you can ever imagine. He is gifted in many special techniques to help eliminate fear, doubt and negativity. Once this is gently removed, you are able to access all the possibilities that guide you to your highest calling. Your world will be better than you can ever imagine. Your world opens up with peace, calm and happiness. Working with Satyen has been one of the greatest gifts in my lifetime. He is a gift to this world. He is a master. He is a blessing. Satyen can help you create unlimited miracles in your life. Get ready to watch your world explode with amazing possibility.
Sandra Arntzen
Through working with Satyen and his team of mentors, I have finally found the missing piece to my acupuncture practice.
I use the Accelerated Evolution techniques as an adjunct to my clinical work, and am now expanding my business to see patients online - widening my potential reach. With two young kids, I love the flexibility that seeing patients online offers. The internet is my new work frontier and I see it as a great opportunity to help more people.
All my life people have shared their secrets with me. This is an honour, but also a responsibility. And my natural tendency is to want to help people and "fix" their problem... ease their pain, relieve their stress, mend their broken heart, heal their trauma, alleviate their grief etc.
We often talk about 'holistic health care' - helping people with their physical, mental and emotional health needs. And acupuncture/ Traditional Chinese Medicine has it's roots in treating the underlying cause of problems. But up until now, I have been scratching away on the surface. So after 20 years of seeing patients, I can finally say with confidence that I can help people in a deep and profound way.
A recent example is a new patient with neck and shoulder pain which started in the 1990s but flared two years ago when she was nursing her husband with cancer. When he died, the pain was excruciating for her and triggered migraines. The pain is now a constant, with sporadic flares and the constant threat of a migraine... After using an Accelerated Evolution Process to resolve the intense feeling of grief and integrate it with her desire for happiness, she said "It's like the good and the bad were put into a washing machine with some detergent thrown in, and put on a super fast spin cycle, then it all drained out and I was just left with this clean, empty space inside". It took 20 minutes to reach this calm and accepting place. She also referred me two new patients within a day of her treatment.
So by facilitating powerful emotional shifts in people, I get the most wonderful sense of achievement or "job satisfaction". It has also resulted in an exponential increase in patient referrals; in one week I saw five new patients, something unheard of in my quiet part-time practice.
I love being more confident in all aspects of my work. I feel like I can be authentic and provide a space for people to talk honestly and expose the most vulnerable aspects of themselves - and I now have the tools to help them transition to a place where they are lighter and happier. The key word here is 'facilitate' - I no longer feel responsible, my role is to simply help them find the happiness within.
Satyen was a mystery to me when I first met him online after an introduction by a colleague last year. He is warm and engaging and so likeable that I was worried it might have been a trick - a very well rehearsed way to lure people in. That was my skeptical self thinking that it was too good to be true, all of this talk of healing oneself and helping others... But Satyen is the real deal. He is extremely generous with his time, always making himself available to meet on Skype, coach groups through training sessions in live webinars and answer queries in the Facebook group - with a response time so quick that makes me wonder whether he ever sleeps!? He genuinely enjoys nurturing people through their personal growth as well as offering the tools to be able to help others. And by being such an enigmatic leader, he attracts people who are warm, kind and generous. So the AE support group is made of people like you and me - looking for ways that we can grow and evolve and make the world a better place, one person at a time.
Katherine Berry
BHSc TCM - Acupuncture, MSc (Research) - UTS, AUSTRALIA
I invited Satyen to do an interview with me on my online video show and he suggested that I first really needed to experience Accelerated Evolution. So he suggested a session via SKYPE, which we soon booked. I told him I was experiencing some emotional blocks from business related issues in the past and I asked him if he could help me with this. I always had this feeling that these blocks were for some reason holding me back but still I couldn't really grasp them. After 45 minutes with Satyen and his Accelerated Evolution process I noticed a deep change in my feeling toward my past. I felt relieved and stronger than ever. It was just as if the burden left me and I had made peace with it. I don't quite understand how he does the Accelerated Evolution process but all I can say is that is surely works. It works fast! It goes so much deeper than psychology, for me it's more psycho spirituality. This process is absolutely remarkable and will help so many people. He really cracked the code on deep healing and all I can say is that I personally will definitely explore his Accelerated Evolution method further and deeper.
Bart Hungenaert
Chairman Club of Budapest Belgium, Founder /
Satyen is a heart-centered conscious leader that has assisted many of our students that are CEOs to find deeper purpose and inner peace – dramatically enhancing their results in all areas of their lives. His power, connection and ability to unite with CEOs to go on a journey on the inside to wildly impact their results on the outside, is absolutely incredible. I highly recommend Satyen and his work and consider him a personal and spiritual mentor in my life.
Colin Sprake
#1 Bestselling Author, QUILLY AWARD winner 2014 & 2015, CEO & Business Sherpa / Make YOUR Mark Training & Consulting Inc.
Satyen Raja is a game changer! From working with him I've deeply engrained what it takes to have the personal power to be a leader of leaders.  It is easy to understand why he is the well-guarded secret mentor to many of the world’s thought leaders and emerging thought leaders. The work Satyen does will take you well beyond financial success, into living a full and complete life of abundance, meaning, joy and most importantly fun!  
Teresa de Grosbois
International speaker, 3X Bestselling Author / Chair Evolutionary Business Council
I have had the pleasure of knowing Satyen over the past 5 years. Satyen is a very confident and knowledgeable person. His passion to live life freely, joyfully and passionately is contagious. I have been studying and working with him and it has changed my life forever. He has an ability to truly "see" a person and it helps him to choose the proper Accelerated Evolution techniques and methods for every individual. I realize that if I had known all this amazing Accelerated Evolution work back in time when I was a racer, my results would have been better. Satyen’s passion and love for humanity has no boundaries. I strongly recommend Satyen as a personal coach! You will not regret it.
Nataliya Perchatkina
Russian Olympian Ski Champion, Accelerated Evolution Coach
I’ve been around MANY people who are Leaders in this world… 30 countries, over 25 years… and Satyen Raja is truly a Leader of Leaders! His wisdom, knowledge and most importantly… his HEART is what makes him unlike anyone I have ever met. As an executive coach there is ABSOLUTELY no one better!
Joe Williams
Teacher, Leader, Founder / Creative Performance Group, International
Satyen Raja is the leader for leaders, the CEO of CEO’s. Having proven himself in creating and running multiple successful conscious companies since his teens, he is the well guarded secret advisor, mentor and confidant to high power leaders. If you want to go way beyond financial success and achieve a state of true power, real freedom and emotional and spiritual equilibrium, then seek him out. To work with him is to liberate your full spectrum of success…financial, family harmony, vitality and deep faith in yourself and the forces of life. You will surely move beyond your chaos, struggles and self imposed limits fast and very deeply. He is a true modern day Warrior and Sage and with his guidance of you will be too.
Raymond Aaron
New York Times Bestselling Author & Founder of / The Raymond Aaron Group
Satyen Raja is one of the most heart centered, keen, spiritual leaders, and entrepreneurs I have met in my life. Through my own journey I have had the privilege to be in the presence of masters and leaders of all walks of life and all traditions, and I can say without doubt that Satyen is one of the most present, mindful, and holistic ones. The way he balances all areas of the human experience is an open invitation to us to transform our own lives in to a harmonic manifestation of what it is to be a human being. Satyen has the ability to awaken presence in others, transform self-imposed limitations, and bring more excellence into who we are in practical, smooth, powerful ways. Any of us that is willing to apply what his techniques and role modeling teach will surely see the result and the benefits that living in such benevolent, committed, clear, and awakened ways can bring to ourselves, our relationships, our families, our businesses, our communities, and thus the world. I am privileged to know Satyen, and so deeply appreciative of the changes I have made in my life towards creating a more radiant, honest, abundant and congruent living, by his wisdom, his presence, and his living truth.
Ivonne Alexander
President of Delaflor Teachings International, Founder – The Awaken the Mastermind, Spiritual Dean of the Ascended Masters Teaching Academy, Creator of the Transcendental Rebirthing System & The Sacred Geometry Codes of AH / Ivonne Alexander